Abyan Executive Body's Chairman Inspects Hassan Dam project


On Saturday, the head of the Executive Body of the Local Leadership of the Transitional Council in Abyan Governorate, Mr. Hassan Munsar Ghaithan Al-Kazmi, accompanied by a member of the Negotiations Affairs Unit, Mr. Ahmed Al-Rubaizi, carried out an inspection visit to the strategic Hassan Dam project in Abyan Governorate to see the progress of the project funded by Abu Dhabi Fund for Development.

During the visit, in which they were accompanied by a member of the National Assembly, Mr. Nasser Atef, and the Director General of the Khanfar District, Attorney Mazen Balil Al-Yusufi, Mr. Ghaithan and the accompanying delegation met with the project manager, Engineer Rafiq Al-Athwari, and heard from him about the progress of work in the first phase of the project, which has a total capacity of Nineteen and five hundred hundred cubic meters of water to feed ground basins.

Ghaithan stressed the necessity of making this project a success, which represents the economic and social framework qualified to achieve sustainable development, improve production, and achieve agricultural development and food security for Abyan Governorate and the south in general.

He called for the necessity of everyone coming together and standing together to make the first phase of the project a success, which is expected to be completed in the year 2026, and that this will reflect on development by increasing water reserves and increasing the productivity of the agricultural area in the Abyan Delta, which is considered one of the most fertile agricultural lands.

It is worth noting that there are persistent efforts and follow-up made by the leadership of the Southern Transitional Council with the sister country of the United Arab Emirates, the party financing the project, to resume work on the Hassan Dam and hand it over to the implementing party, the Canadian company OM Limited, in February of this year, with the completion of the first phase ending in the year 2026 .