Abyan Executive Body's Chief Visits Al-Kode Research Center


On Sunday, Mr. Hassan Manser Ghaithan Al-Kazmi, along with a member of the Negotiations Affairs Unit, Mr. Ahmed Al-Rubaizi, visited the Agricultural Al-Kode Research Center in Khanfar District.

During his meeting with a number of agricultural engineers, researchers and specialists in the field of agricultural research, Professor Hassan Ghaithan was briefed on the progress of work activity at the center after it returned to work thanks to the efforts of its management as a result of the destruction and looting of the necessary needs of the agricultural research center.


During the visit, Ghaithan and Al-Rubaizi toured the cultivated areas and agricultural nurseries at Al-Kode station, and they viewed the types of agricultural crops and seedlings, and  the area of ​​the lands belonging to the center, as well as the most important field crops and horticultural crops, in addition to the technical departments related to crops, soil, water desalination, and plant protection.


For his part, the transitional chief Executive of Abyan expressed his happiness at the tremendous efforts he saw from the leadership of the Agricultural Research Center in preserving the center and its property, which is considered one of the oldest research centers on the island level. He added that the transitional council in the governorate will be alongside the center’s management to cooperate in resolving the conditions.

Ghaithan affirmed his confidence in the Ministry of Agriculture, represented by Major General Salem Al-Soqatri, which pays attention to the agricultural sector and the governorate in particular, in supporting the center to return to its previous status.